Interactive Kids Checklist

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✔️ Turns Kids Chores into a Fun Act
✔️ Sense of Accomplishment for Kids!
✔️ Personalize it with your Kid's Name
✔️ Promotes Responsibility & Discipline 
✔️ Vary the Tasks by Yourself with Age
✔️ One Hand Easy to Hold & operate
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✔️ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No - I will personalize myself.
  • Yes (Comes with 126 Replaceable Chores/ With Magnets/Holes to Hang)
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Interactive Kids Checklist

"This was exactly what I didn't know I needed! My daughter now LOVES doing her chores so she can get the satisfaction of checking off the tasks.  It brings structure to our day and she loves sliding it over for checks! Very durable and cute!"
- Lindsay, Mom of a 4 Year Old


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★★★★★ 4.9 from Happy Parents & Grandparents

Makes Your Kids Routine 
Less Stressful!

Perfect for Kids to take with them as they do their daily tasks, promoting independence and responsibility!

 No pens, markers, or stickers needed, and chores won't rub off or smear!

"My Kids have been working so hard to earn stars and complete tasks that it has truly changed our lives!! Thank you SmartyTots!" - Jenna, Santa Clara

Trains Kids to Be Responsible
The Sense of Accomplishment when your Kid has completed a task makes them Responsible and Disciplined right from Childhood
Personalize Your Kid's Name
The Personalized Unit comes with 126 Chores that can be mixed and matched depending on the activities of your kid 
Game Changer for Kids Chores
Doing their Daily chores will become a Lot of Fun with our Checklist Baord
Safe Eco-Friendly for Kids to Use
Our checklists are sturdy and designed with kids in mind! With proper care, your checklist should last years! Made from bio-degradable plastic (PLA), ensuring it's non-toxic to pets and humans.
Personalized Version has Add ons
Comes with 126 chores that are future proof and is suitable for kids as they grown into adolescents.
Personalized Version can be hung
The Personalized Version can be hung on the wall using nails or on the Fridge door with the help of the concealed magnets

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Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements

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What other Parents Say?

Great quality product! We’re using this for our daughter bedtime routine to help her stay in bed knowing she checked everything off her goodnight list :) we love it!


Love it for my 5 Year old
This was so perfect for my 3-year old! She loves clicking to show she’s done with a chore! So cute, we’ll-made, and the nicest owner!


very cute
We instantly fell in love with this product. Completely customizable and couldn’t believe how many inserts there was! We found everything we do! We loved it some much we quickly ordered another set so we could have a bed time routine without changing the chart during the day! These are wonderful and our girls LOVE them so much. Thanks again!


100% Satisfied
Me and my daughter Love this !


Accomplishment for my Lil One!

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