Kid's Quiet Activity Book

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✔️ Improves Parent-Child Interaction
✔️ Enhace sense of touch, hear and sight 
✔️ Autism Learning Materials
✔️ Available in 4 Versions
✔️ Totally Eco-friendly and Safe
✔️ Perfect Gift, Kids Can’t Resist!
✔️ Lightweight & No SCREEN Time
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Kid's Quiet Activity Book
★★★★★ 4.7 from Happy Parents & Grandparents

The best way to 
keep your kids 
happy and entertained is by giving them toys 
that will teach.

Parents can play with their children with this preschool toy, which helps to strengthen the emotional communication between parents and children.

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"This is a great first hand on excise book for my nephew. He s about 3. Great book for him to get a concept of number. The book is hard cover. Good quality. Brilliant color and picture. Clear direction and example shown for us on how to follow. Easy to learn.He loves it." - Irene of Brooklyn-New York, USA

Improves Parent-Child Interaction
Parents can play with their children with this preschool toy, which helps to strengthen the emotional communication between parents and children.
Enhace Sense Of Touch, Hear And Sight 
The quiet book is a great way to help kids develop their senses. It stimulates the auditory, tactile and visual learners in children by encouraging them with different activities that are all about hands-on learning!
Available In 4 Versions
It is available in four sets of themes number, vegetable, vehicle, and animal cognition.
Autism Learning Materials
This book is great for kids with autism because it allows them to be busy and focused at the same time. Through repetitive tasks, they're able enhance their knowledge in a fun way that will keep you entertained as well!
Totally Eco-Friendly And Safe
The book is made from the highest quality safe materials, tear-resistant and water resistant, not only that is also eco-friendly. 
Perfect Gift, Kids Can’t Resist!
The latest must-have for parents who want to give their kids an awesome time is the Kid's Quiet Activity Book . This book not only helps encourage early learning but also has fun activities in it so that your little one will be engaged from cover to page!

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Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements

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The best gifts for children are those that allow them to enjoy themselves while learning.

The quiet book is a fun, interactive toy that will help your little one learn important skills. It can improve cognitive abilities like memory and processing speed as well as basic literacy!
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What other Parents Say?

First impression of this product was the cheap feeling. It came that you have to stick on the back of the animals and the other side on the book. The velcro was too small for a toddler to be able to just flop it on and stick, so i had to help stick them on. But the concept is great. My daughter loves the book and kept her engage for a good 15 mins. Happy with the product but please make the velcro larger.


A mom of 1 from California
This book is very educational. My kiddo sat and played and named the vegetables and fruit for a while. Also, kept the occupied during church and restaurants!


Mom of a 6 month old
This is very fun book, my baby is 19 months, she love this book. This book has most vegetables and fruits. This book is like a market, we can play with the baby.


Dad to a 6 year Old
My four years old daughter is a very active kid, so I’ve decided to buy her something to keep her busy while I’m driving to visit my family two hours away, I’m so glad that I bought this book she really enjoyed it , the book is well made with great quality and it has 5 stories that’s easy for kids to learn and having fun. Definitely will buy another one for my nephew


Mom from Maine

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the concept of this preschool learning book for kids?
    This preschool learning book teaches toddlers basic numbers and recognizes some animals, which is perfect for pre-schoolers!
  2. Will it be difficult for my three-year-old to play with this preschool learning book?
    I feel no, this is very easy to use. It's not very complicated.
  3. Will the pieces you can take on and off bend and wrinkle easily?
    Dear customer, the paper quality of this quiet book is thickened. Children cannot easily bend and wrinkle the paper when they are playing. Thanks for your question and have a nice day.
  4. Parents are struggling not to know what games to play with their children?
    Parents should all have heard of the Montessori education method. The education method mentions that teaching aids are not tools used by teachers to teach, but materials for toddlers' work. Through these tasks, toddlers can practice self-repetitive operations to enhance knowledge and ability.
  5. How long does it take for Shipping?
    If you are in the USA, UK, AU, Canada or Germany, you will receive itr within 8-10 working days after placing your order.

    We provide Insured shipping with tracking.

    We also provide a premium 5 to 8 Shipping to specific Countries depending on stock availability.

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