Tummy Time Crab

$ 59.97 $ 29.97
✔️ Perfect for Babies & Toddlers
✔️ Encourages Your Baby to start Crawling
✔️ See Your Baby at their Giggling Best!
✔️ Best Tummy Time Hack
✔️ Promotes To & Fro Eye Movement 
✔️ Develops their Neck Muscles 
✔️ USB chargeable | No Batteries Required
✔️ Upto 30% Off TODAY! Hit "GET IT NOW"
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$ 59.97
Tummy Time Crab


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★★★★★ 4.9 from Happy Parents & Grandparents

Why is Tummy Time
Important for 

-Prevents Flat spots on the back of your baby's head. 
-Stronger Muscles so your baby can start to sit up, crawl, and walk. 
-Improves your Baby's motor skills (using muscles to move and complete an action)

As seen In


"This is such a fun toy. It actually moves a lot faster than I anticipated. While it works best on smooth surfaces, such as laminate floors or even outside on the sidewalk, it also works on thin carpets. I have a smaller toy that's the same concept (switches directions when it hits an obstacle), but I like this one better. Because this one moves faster, it is more enjoyable for kids to chase. Along with that, I really like that this one can just be recharged. That is so much more convenient than having to stock up on batteries." - Jillian Ward

Adorably Helps Baby Crawling
A cute walking crab keeps moving around, encourages baby to crawl and catch.
Easy To Use - Babies Love It!
The Smart Sensor ensures to & Fro Movement and hence it does not go around all over your home.
Promotes Sensory Muscle Development
Your Baby is intrigued about the movement of the Toy that it promotes the fast development of their Neck Musles, Eye movement etc.
Safe & Eco-Friendly, No Battery Needed
One of the many things we like about this crawling crab sensory toy, it is safe, eco-friendly, and does not need batteries. It has a USB charging cable that comes along with this toy crab. You can simply charge it with a power bank, computer, or power plug inside your house.

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Encourage your baby to crawl with the crab. Your kids will love this crab toy!

Your baby can't help but get entertained with this adorable crawling sensory crab toy! Your kids will stare and laugh as it runs into everything, even dogs will be impressed with this toy. 
Trust Pilot Score 4.9 

Tummy Time Crab

$ 59.97 $ 29.97
✔️ Perfect For Babies & Toddlers ✔️ Encourages Your Baby To Start Crawling ✔️ See Your Baby At Their Giggling Best! ✔️ Best Tummy Time Hack ✔️ Promotes To & Fro Eye Movement ✔️ Develops Their Neck Muscles ✔️ USB Chargeable | No Batteries Required ✔️ Upto 30% Off TODAY! Hit "GET IT NOW"
payment method
$ 59.97
Tummy Time Crab

What other Parents Say?

Love this for my 8 month old who started crawling! It doesn’t need batteries which is great, and it’s easy to charge! Only downside is there isn’t a mode where you can turn off the music.


Love it for my 8month old!
It’s is so much laugh It is very fast and fun We all enjoy ☺️ Cute cute Dancing around and music is very happy


very cute
The music and the lights are great for the baby to follow. The sensor are actually pretty good at detecting obstacles. I love it my baby loves it as well.


Great entertainment for tummy time!!
My wife actually bought one of these (in green) and we thought it was very cute and entertaining. I came across this one in yellow and thought it would be nice to complete the set. So now we have a pair of them dancing around. It will bring much joy to our little one when she is old enough to start crawling around. She currently enjoys watching it dance back and forth, which is good for her eye tracking and neck muscle development.


Funny toy for tots

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Suitable for what age of baby?
    The crawling sensory crab toy is suitable for all babies 6 months and older.
  2. Can it walk on the carpet?
    Suitable for carpets without fluff on the surface, but hard flooring works better.
  3. How long does it take to charge?
    2 hours charging time will last up to 20-30 minutes non-stop operation.  
  4. Does this toy crab actually play songs or does it just make a noise?
    It plays music.
  5. How long does it take for Shipping?
    If you are in the USA, UK, AU, Canada or Germany, you will receive itr within 8-10 working days after placing your order.

    We provide Insured shipping with tracking.

    We also provide a premium 5 to 8 Shipping to specific Countries depending on stock availability.

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